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Powering the New Era of Online Recruitment

RealMatch helps digital publishers earn more from recruitment advertising with the most advanced, high-performance recruitment advertising solution available that connects job seekers and employers in a whole new way!

Partnerships Built on Measurable Success

More Revenue.   On average, our partners increase their online recruitment revenue by 133% their first year.
MARKET DOMINANCE.  Take the lead in your market with the recruitment advertising solution that delivers maximum job ad performance
MASSIVE REACH.  Give your advertisers vast reach to job seekers on the largest recruitment ad network in North America
BETTER ENGAGEMENT.  Let Real-Time Job Matching deliver the most relevant job content that keeps job seekers coming back to your site for more
IMPROVED ROI  Increase your bottom line with our unique business model free of license fees and backed the support you need to succeed


RealMatch’s support is exceptional.  RealMatch backs up our ability to expand the reach of our advertisers’ recruitment ads with truly unique technology and stellar partner support so we have the tools to win in our market.
Barbie J. Vickhouse, Advertising Manager  The Indiana Gazette