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AppMatch: Pay-Per-Applicant Case Study


Matomy Media Group Saves Valuable Time in Recruiting


Matomy Media Group is a world-leading digital performance-based advertising company, whose mission is to deliver unmatched results for their advertisers and media partners. With global growth in the last couple years, hiring quality talent quickly for the company’s US-based offices became increasingly difficult and time-consuming.  


Before trying AppMatch, Matomy had been posting jobs on a few job sites that seemed to perform well in terms of the number of applicants received. The problem was that a high percentage of applicants did not have the skills required for the job and a great deal of time was spent trying to identify the few qualified applicants among the many.

This meant less time available for all the other critical tasks that required the attention of HR Director, Alexandra Bautista. In an attempt to streamline the candidate sourcing and applicant screening process, and to deliver hiring managers high-quality candidates, Matomy gave AppMatch a try.  


Once Matomy started using AppMatch, their recruiting strategy became data-driven and much more efficient.

Using predictive data and match criteria automatically generated from RealMatch’s recruitment advertising platform built on Real-Time Job Matching, the RealMatch Performance Team worked closely with Ms. Bautista to identify better job titles, job descriptions, and key skills for each role in order to improve job ad response as well as ensure the highest level of matching accuracy possible.

After optimizing the job posting, the quantity of “qualified” applicants based on Matomy’s specific job requirements increased noticeably. On average, almost half of all applicants did not meet the requirements for the job. These applicants were automatically removed from the candidate pool ensuring that the Matomy team only spend time reviewing the best applicants.

AppMatch Case Study“Instead of posting on Indeed and getting 300 resumes and coming down to 20 out of those 300 that are actually qualified, RealMatch is providing those 20 that I would have spent so much time sorting through to find,” said Ms. Bautista.

Key Results

The jobs that Matomy needed to fill were across job category and geographic regions within the US. With AppMatch, every job is campaigned across TheJobNetwork, a network of thousands of national, aggregator, local, and niche job sites. This vast reach and ability to campaign at the individual job level meant Matomy also no longer had to worry about where to advertise their jobs to find the right hire. 

By The Numbers

  • $45: average cost-per-“qualified” application across 3 different job categories
  • 47% of applicants did not match the job requirements and were automatically removed from the process saving valuable time
  • 26% more job seekers applied after the job posting was optimized by RealMatch’s job matching technology
  • $5,639: cost-savings resulting from AppMatch promise to only deliver and bill for matched applicants