Real-Time Job Matching

Matching Candidates Are 14X More Likely to Apply

Our proprietary job matching technology is at the core of our solution…it’s our secret sauce that transforms every aspect of our solution from the ordinary into the extraordinary…enabling employers and qualified job seekers to connect in the most efficient manner possible.

Real-Time Job Matching

The Truth About Job Matching

Although many online recruitment solutions use “matching” as a fancy term for keyword searching, only Real-Time Job Matching technology combines the most sophisticated, self-learning artificial intelligence with the most comprehensive taxonomy of job types, skills, and similar job cross-references. In fact, its accuracy rate is so high, that matched candidates are 14X more likely to apply compared to traditional keyword searching that returns so many irrelevant results.

Reciprocal Matching

It Takes Two to Make a Match

Unlike traditional keyword searching that’s one way, Real-Time Job Matching is reciprocal. Our proprietary matching technology not only scores and ranks candidates based on their skills and experience in relation to the job requirements, but also preferences and interests on both sides of the hiring equation.

Sophisticated Artificial Intelligence

Intelligence That You Can Rely On

RealMatch’s job matching technology uses advanced natural language processing and highly-accurate artificial intelligence to identify skills, requirements, and experience in both the job posting requirements and the candidate resume profile in the right context to identify a match at accuracy rates exceeding 94%.

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