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The RealMatch Story

RealMatch is revolutionizing the highly fragmented online recruitment industry by building the largest and most effective recruitment advertising network that connects employers and job seekers in a whole new way.

Founded in 2007 on the principle that the Internet is the job board, RealMatch’s mission is to make online recruitment advertising a unique and lucrative revenue stream for online publishers, an efficient and results-driven process for employers, and a simplified, easy-to-use experience for job seekers. In order to achieve its mission, RealMatch is disrupting the highly fragmented online recruitment industry by building the largest and most effective recruitment advertising network on the web that connects employers and qualified job seekers together in a much more efficient manner.

RealMatch is changing the landscape of online recruitment, and giving digital publishers the upper hand with the only performance-based recruitment advertising solution that allows them to capture their share of the $7 billion industry.

RealMatch Solution Based on Job Matching Technology

At the heart of the RealMatch solution lies the most advanced job matching technology which drives quality and performance across all components of RealMatch’s platform and network. Real-Time Job Matching™ operates off of a comprehensive database of industry specific taxonomy terms, job seeker profile information, and employer requirements to automatically identify quality matches between employers and job seekers. Real-Time Job Matching™ is setting the standard in accuracy and eliminates the need to search - saving a significant amount of time for employers and job seekers alike.

RealMatch’s recruitment ad network, TheJobNetwork™, delivers ultimate reach across the web reaching over 100 million active and passive job seekers monthly. The network consists of over 1,000 local and trade publications, broadcast media organizations, associations and job board sites – all powered by RealMatch. Through third-party distribution agreements, the network also reaches job seekers across thousands of additional niche job sites, job aggregators, search engines and social networks. To ensure maximum network performance, RealMatch has developed automated posting optimization and campaign management technology to effectively target and distribute job postings to relevant partner sites. Real-time performance monitoring and automated campaign management produces 3-5 times the qualified response compared to the leading national job boards.

As a channel provider, RealMatch partners with digital publishers to power their online job boards and posting distribution services. By leveraging RealMatch’s unique white-label platform and vast network reach, digital publishers are able to generate new and sustainable revenue, increase site traffic, extend their brand awareness, and improve audience engagement in order to meet or exceed their business objectives.

RealMatch Channel Partners Include:

• News Publishers     • Trade Publishers • Broadcast Media
• Trade Associations  • Online Media      • Independent Job Boards