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The Challenge

Vast fragmentation in the online recruitment market has left the job advertising process full of inefficiencies and disparate data silos that prevent employers from getting the most for their online recruitment spend.

Top 10 Recruitment Software 2018 pandoIQ

The Solution

pandoIQ is the most cost-effective and efficient talent sourcing platform available that’s capable of intelligently managing your recruitment spend and job ad campaign strategies across 1000’s of sites in real-time.

65% of recruiters reported the lack of automated systems as their biggest technology headache

The Smartest Way to Grow Your Recruitment Strategy 

pandoIQ is a revolutionary recruitment advertising platform built on big data, artificial intelligence and proprietary campaign algorithms that eliminate the inefficient processes and unnecessary spending common to larger employers with complex hiring needs. Everything you need to source the right talent from across the Web is now available in one programmatic platform that automates and optimizes every step of the job advertising process to deliver maximum performance, insights and ROI from your recruitment spend.

Saves Time & Money

Fully-automated, data-driven platform eliminates inefficiencies and unnecessary costs associated with managing large volumes of job ads and spend across multiple sources simultaneously.

Improves Quality and Results

Precision targeting based on robust job matching and 10+ years of historical data engages the right candidates on the right sites at the right time to deliver quality applicants fast.

Delivers Maximum ROI

Dynamic budget allocation algorithms tap into predictive benchmarks to optimize campaign strategies and spend across all jobs in real-time, putting the focus on jobs that need it most.

Offers Timely Insights

Predictive data and real-time performance metrics help you proactively prioritize your staffing resources and streamline processes too.

pandoIQ Analyzes and Predicts

Job matching algorithms parse job openings from your corporate career site and cross-reference them to pandoIQ’s vast job taxonomy of more than 30,000 nodes of job titles, skills, education and synonyms to classify each job type at a 94%+ accuracy rate. Next, patented prediction algorithms analyze over 30 key job variables to derive a predictive-performance benchmark used to create the ideal campaign.

pandoIQ Targets and Campaigns

pandoIQ offers employers unprecedented reach to talent with one single platform making managing multiple vendors a thing of the past. Campaign algorithms instantly create targeted ad distribution strategies and budget based on job classification, predictive benchmarks and 10+ years of historical data spanning millions of job ads across 1000’s of sites, reaching the right job seekers at the right time across the Web.

pandoIQ Allocates and Optimizes

Optimization algorithms continuously monitor job performance compared to prediction and analyze performance metrics by source including conversion rates from view to apply. Site selection, budget allocation, and even bid rates are dynamically optimized per site to generate maximum performance.

The Power to Predict

pandoIQ’s predictive algorithms go beyond automating and optimizing job ad campaigns—they also help you optimize all your staffing resources too. pandoIQ’s predictive benchmarks provide valuable and timely insights on how job advertising will impact the applicant funnel for every job early in the campaign process, helping you assign additional staffing resources to jobs that will benefit the most.

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